Universities in lockdown for three more weeks at least

More campus teaching will probably be allowed from the end of March

As of 31 March, students may be able to attend classes on campus for one day a week. Prime minister Mark Rutte and Health minister Hugo de Jonge made this announcement at a press conference on Monday 8 March. Rutte said that ‘everyone who wants’ will have had at least one vaccination by the summer. ‘That is when we will finally be able to take major steps towards a normal life.’

Rapid tests

But we are not there yet: the number of Covid infections is still too high, albeit stable. That is why the Dutch government considers it unwise to relax measures now. But that might be possible from the end of March. Rapid tests will also be used to make education safer and prevent new infections.

At present, students are only allowed on campus for practicals and exams. ‘Vulnerable students’ are also allowed to visit their university in person for mentoring.

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