Resource-walk whets appetite for more

Resource’s walking project Wageningen Walks Together has come to an end. New initiatives are ready.
Students taking a walk on campus. Photo: Resource

After four weeks of walking, the Wageningen Walks Together (WWT) project has come to an end. Other organisations such as Sports Centre De Bongerd and Thuis are launching similar initiatives soon for those wanting to take a walk with someone.

What prompted people to join WWT, and how do they feel about the project? Bachelor student Environmental Sciences Shun Hei (Nathan) Lee (19) joined twice. ‘It always makes me happy to meet new people from different countries. This is one of the reasons I chose to come here for my studies. But, updating your social network is pretty challenging these days.’

Safe alternative

Lee’s first walk was with a Nepalese student of Organic Agriculture who had come to Wageningen fairly recently. ‘She talked about how different her life here is from Nepal. I have lived in Wageningen longer, so I could show her a few nice spots during our walk. It was lots of fun.’

‘Initiatives such as WWT  are important’, says Lee. ‘There are currently no parties or gatherings to go to, but it is essential to offer people a safe alternative that allows them to meet others. Walking helps people relax. There are also other projects that offer alternative meeting opportunities. For more information, check the Informal Student Support Network.’

Follow-up walk

WWT was not just for students. Staff members, such as Sander Schepping (27) of Information and Recruitment, joined the fun. ‘If I’m alone, I don’t always take a walk. But, if you have an appointment, it’s easier to actually go. Moreover, it’s a way to get to know people, which is fun, and to see a new face. We walked over the campus and chatted. We had a good time.’

An Idealis-employee also went for a walk. ‘What a great way to spend some time outdoors during this time of corona and have a nice chat. My walking-buddy and I set a date for a follow-up walk!’

New initiatives

Want to get to know people during a walk? Two new initiatives are ready for launch. Sports Centre De Bongerd is set to start walks for WUR students and employees with their Walk and Talk initiative. More on this Instagram account.

Wageningen Wandelt (Wageningen Walks) is also available for Wageningen citizens of all types and backgrounds. Check the ThuisWageningen website for the latest.

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