The best of 2020

If you are at a loose end during lockdown, why not vote for the Resource Cover Prize 2020?

The set-up for the 12th edition of the Cover Prize is slightly different to previous years. The decision on which was the best cover this year will depend not just on the votes from the public but also on a jury. Both assessments get equal weight. In the unlikely event of a tie, the jury will decide.

The Resource editors have chosen a shortlist of ten covers from the large pile of PhD theses that appeared this year (about 300). We looked at creativity, the lettering, the usage of colour and of course how the cover reflects the content. The shortlist comprises five theses by men and five by women.

You can vote online ON THE DUTCH SITE (click HERE) The deadline is Wenesday 6 January 2021, 12:00 noon Dutch time. The results will be posted online as soon as possible afterwards and published in the first magazine of the new year.

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