Geneticists want evolution in Top 2000

At least, if you are into Nightwish's symphonic metal.

A group of fans of the annual Top 2000 hits poll in the Genetics chair group is trying to get a song about evolution on the list. It’s the number ‘Endless forms, most beautiful’ by Finnish band Nightwish. According to the initiator Kim Ferguson, the lyrics are ‘a fantastic ode to evolution’ that pay homage to Darwin’s ideas. Nightwish also have a Dutch connection as the singer Floor Jansen is from the Netherlands. The Top 2000 is determined by votes by the general public. The Wageningen geneticists are using social media to try and get the song onto the list. You have until Monday 7 December 17:00 to vote for the evolution song on the NPO Radio 2 website. At least, if you’re into Nightwish’s symphonic metal. If you take a more sombre view of evolution in the age of Covid, there are alternatives: ‘Do the Evolution’ (Pearl Jam), ‘Apeman’ (The Kinks) or ‘Line in the Sand’ (Motörhead).

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the #Top2000Evolution initiative! Most important is that at least one song for this cause gets into the Top 2000, so it should be the one song we’re promoting – and you don’t have to be a true-blue fan of Nightwish, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” to vote for it (though we think the lyrics are fantastic, what other song has “eukaryote” in the lyrics?).
    Luckily, you have up to 35 choices in the Top 2000 voting (, so surely at least one of them can be Nightwish. Rock on! 🙂

  2. Indeed, the keyword here is FOCUS! If we want to be successful, and for many many reason we wish to be, we need to ALL vote for this ONE song!

    Don’t let this be similar to the WUR investment themes; by diluting the efforts you ultimately won’t get anything done ;).