Billie the sustainable cup

The caterers in Orion and Impulse are introducing the Billie Cup.
Photo: Roelof Kleis

According to the Belgian company that developed Billie, the polypropylene plastic is fully recyclable, if still fossil-based. But what really makes the cup sustainable is the fact that you reuse it. You buy a cup of coffee or tea and pay one euro extra as a deposit on the cup. You can then reuse the cup or return it for the deposit.
The Green Office is behind the introduction of Billie. It wanted a cheaper alternative to the KeepCup (9.95 euros), which was introduced three years ago at the initiative of some students. The Billie Cup was due to be introduced earlier but the coronavirus put paid to that plan. Now the cup has got a second chance with the Sustainability Week (12–17 October).

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