Corona compensation only for students in final year

Halfway through your studies and delayed due to corona? Too bad. Only students in their final year are compensated.
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And this will remain thus for the time being. A more generous provision was rejected by a single vote in the House of Representatives yesterday.

Universities and universities of applied science have been making every possible effort since March to keep their teaching activities going. Still, a portion of the students falling back cannot be avoided.

Minister Van Engelshoven understands this, and anyone graduating between September 2020 and the end of January 2021 from a university or university of applied sciences masters programme will receive reimbursement for three months of their tuition fee. This amounts to 532 euros per student to whom this applies.

No majority

But why should only students in their final year be able to make use of this provision, PvdA member of parliament Kirsten van der Hul wondered this summer. She wants the minister to broaden the scope of the provision and submitted a motion with this request in conjunction with SP and GroenLinks.

The motion was not put to the vote, because voting was suspended, and the outcome remained unknown for weeks. Yesterday, the chamber finally voted.

But this time around, Van den Hul failed to achieve majority support. During a vote by roll call, the motion was rejected with 66 votes against, and 65 in favour. The members of the government parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie voted against.

A new look

The national student organisations ISO and LSVb also demand compensation for all students. According to ISO, the number of students who fell behind during the corona crisis has increased by 54 thousand.

But we cannot just compensate everyone, Van Engelshove said previously. However, the door is ajar. She will take stock of the total amount of delay and consider the matter ‘step by step.’ So, perhaps additional provisions will be made.

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