Bicycle tour against temporary contracts

Scientists take to the pedals at the start of the academic year with a bicycle tour to protest the large number of temporary contracts.

This ‘Tour of Academics‘ symbolises the annual trek of academic ‘nomads’ with a temporary contract. The tour is an initiative of the AOb and FNV labour unions, and WOinActie protest group. The initiators have been bringing this issue to the table for several years now.

Tours are to take place throughout the Netherlands on several locations, one of which is from Nijmegen to Wageningen. Eighteen scientists took off from Radboud Universities Aula in Nijmegen at 14:00 hr, to cycle to WUR campus. ‘Due to the corona pandemic we have opted for an open-air protest, which will easily allow participants to adhere to the social distancing rules’, says Annelies Coppelmans, Union representative for FNV-WUR.

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