Bagua wins Urban Greenhouse Challenge

The Spanish team Bagua won the second Urban Greenhouse Challenge.
Photo: Guy Ackermans

Their design, aptly named ‘Bagua’ would be able to produce 665 tonnes of food per year sustainably. Additionally, the student team’s Bagua educational programme would educate future farmers and contribute to research.

In the Urban Greenhouse Challenge, international multidisciplinary student teams compete. This year’s assignment was to design a state of the art greenhouse for Dongguan, China.

The winners of the challenge, organised by WUR, were announced on Thursday 27 August, during the finals in Orion, which was streamed so that teams from other countries could follow the proceedings. Team Bagua won a sum of 10,000 euros. Runner-up was team KAS; TeAMSpirit reached third place.

A total of ten teams, from Brazil, China, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands participated in the finals. Their urban greenhouse concepts range from high-techto low-tech solutions. In addition to spectacular, iconic architecture, there were also robust, modular buildings that can be assembled on different sites. Some teams opted for a back-to-nature approach, while others were committed to the latest vertical farming technologies and apps to involve civilians in the city’s food production.

Several artist impressions of the winning design.

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