WUR-student as the first UN youth representative on biodiversity?

Moheni is in the race to become first UN youth representative biodiversity and nutrition.
Sara Mohseni. Photo: Sara Mohseni

Sara Mohseni (20), bachelor student Forest and Nature Conservation is the race to become the first UN youth representative for biodiversity and nutrition.

This is the first time there will be a youth representative for biodiversity and nutrition,’ Mohseni says. ‘There are plenty of people with the required knowledge, but the bridge between science and politics is not strong enough. When someone alerted me to this position, I immediately felt the urge to apply. This is a unique opportunity to represent youth. It is about our future.’

UN youth representatives visit schools and universities to discuss with young people. They represent these young people at international conferences and congresses. In the category biodiversity and nutrition, Mohseni competes with Eva Koffeman, a Communications masters student at the UvA (University of Amsterdam).

Meat tax and higher fees for flying

‘I have three positions,’ Mohseni clarifies. ‘One: supermarkets should be obligated to offer paper bags for fruits and vegetables. Two: taxes on meat should be increased from 9 to 21 per cent. Three: there should be an international minimum fee for air travel. Luxembourg has already implemented this, including a minimum travel distance.’

How does Mohseni expect to achieve these three things? ‘As a youth representative, you are able to reach out to decision-makers months before large conferences take place. If you only show up during the conference, you’re basically too late. This job will give me access to influence, both at a national and international level.’

VoteFirst step: getting elected. Mohseni: ‘Everyone aged thirty and below can vote, until the evening of Monday 22 June. The only thing required is a Dutch phone number.’ The winner will be announced that evening during the finals in Naturalis.

Click here to vote for Sara Mohseni.

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