4TU Career Special: Applying for jobs in times of corona

This week, the second edition of the 4TU Career Special is published.

This special is meant for graduates seeking work. The magazine was compiled by the four editors of the four technical universities, and centres on job applications in times of corona.

Looking for a job in times of corona? Good luck, newly graduated candidate. This second edition of the 4TU Career Special provides tips for graduates. The magazine was produced and published in a time of crisis. The editors of the four universities realise that graduates could use some help. 


This issue contains much information and interviews on (Wageningen, among others) entrepreneurship, start-ups and alumni careers. Louise O. Fresco, president of Wageningen University & Research and chair of the 4TU Federation, kicks off: ‘At a time when the world economy has ground to a halt, and our campuses are closed, this career special is available to show our students that their degree opens up a world of limitless opportunities.’

The subject of ‘The New Way of Working’ is also broached, with practical tips on how to apply for jobs online. There is also an in-depth piece on the impact of the corona crisis on the labour market. A heads-up: universities, technical ones, in particular, are critical to innovative ecosystems. Thus states Paul van Nunen, affiliated to Brainport Development in Eindhoven. ‘Eventually, we will have to fortify the earning capacity in the Netherlands by linking new knowledge to new products.’

The magazine was sent to graduates and is on campus in the Resource magazine racks.

Read the special online: https://issuu.com/wageningenur/docs/4tu_carri_re_special_2020

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