Outdoor sports back at De Bongerd

Outdoor sports are allowed again at De Bongerd under strict conditions. But indoor sports are still banned for now.
Photo: Roelof Kleis

The playing fields around De Bongerd Sports Centre have been deserted for nearly two months. Organized sports have been forbidden ever since the ‘intelligent lockdown’ started. Now that the national lockdown is cautiously easing, De Bongerd is reopening. The student sports clubs will be holding classes again outdoors while observing the rules on distance, hygiene and contact.

 The instructors will provide the materials and be in charge of disinfection, for example of the Frisbees 

Henri ten Klooster

According to the head Henri ten Klooster, the sports in question are athletics, tennis, football, survival, Frisbee, lacrosse, quidditch, mountain biking, archery, boot camps, cycling, korfball and rowing. The protocols for this have been approved by the WUR Executive Board. One of the conditions is that the participants must register beforehand for the sports classes so that instructors have control over the group size.


None of the facilities in the sports hall can be used except for the toilet. ‘So you have to change and shower at home,’ says Ten Klooster. ‘The instructors will provide the materials and be in charge of disinfection, for example of the Frisbees. People should also park as close as possible to the site to minimize the risk of contact.’

Detailed protocols are also already available for indoor sports but indoor activities are not yet allowed. Ten Klooster doesn’t actually expect a huge demand for the outdoor sports at first. Many students have left Wageningen and are back with their parents. Students will get compensation for the period when they were unable to use their sports card. Staff with sports rights also don’t have to pay anything during the lockdown.

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