How can you keep in shape during corona?

The gym is closed and working out together in the park is not permitted. How do you stay physically and mentally fit?

After a long day of skyping, zooming and putting up with your housemates, you may wish to let off some steam. But the gym is closed and working out together in the park is not permitted. How do you stay physically and mentally fit?

Sports Centre De Bongerd will remain closed until at least 28 April, and what happens after that date is yet uncertain. So, for the coming month, that means no fitness, no group training and no courses.

The sports centre communicated this week that people with sports rights will have their fees waived for the duration of the closure. Monthly sports rights will remain valid. To soften the blow, De Bongerd launched an app that allows you to do workouts at home, keep track of your weight and even design your personal programme (the SCB GYM app). There is also a youtube channel with mini-training sessions for your breaks, and longer training sessions requiring weights.

Rowing at home

Several sports associations have launched initiatives to keep their members fit and healthy. Thymos has initiated Healthy at Home, a social media campaign providing a daily tip on issues such as working RSI-proof, mental health, and working out at home. These tips are available to everyone!

Argo took serious measures and distributed all its 36 rowing machines to members’ homes. The rowers are accustomed to daily training sessions and are currently unable to get into a boat together. Other members have been advised to do weight training at home or to go for a run or bike ride.

Tropical surprise

Athletics association Tartlétos distributes workout programmes among its members so that they can work up a sweat at home. And the Tartlétos Tropical Temperatures Tournament, planned for mid-April, has not been postponed but pulled forward. The first assignment to earn points is: share pictures of your alternative training. Tartlétos secretary Dagmar van Esch hopes it will inspire other members to keep fit.

Share your activity

We support this initiative wholeheartedly, and we want to ask you to share your sporting activities with us. Are you lifting weights in the kitchen, jumping rope on the balcony or doing pull-ups from your gutter? Share your activity on social media using the hashtag #WURkoutathome! We will share the best ideas. And because we aren’t afraid of sharing our own workout tips, here is a video of editor Tessa doing finger pull-ups using the doorway.

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