Aula sale lawsuit

The Noordereng Group wants the courts to force WUR to reconsider its sale of the Aula to rival group BOEi/Van Swaay. Noordereng claims the assessment was not objective.
Photo: BOEi/Van Swaaij.

The Noordereng Group spokesman Gerben Kuipers announced this decision. He says Noordereng is angry because it is not clear why the group’s plan for the Aula was rejected. Noordereng and BOEi/Van Swaay were both in the race to purchase the Aula on Generaal Foulkesweg in Wageningen and redevelop the building and surrounding land. WUR initially expressed a preference for Noordereng’s plan to turn the Aula into a debating centre but it changed its tune after the two parties produced amended plans.

They had done this because Wageningen’s municipal executive preferred the BOEi/Van Swaay plan to turn the Aula into a cinema. BOEi/Van Swaay made significant changes to its plan and won the competition. Kuipers said it was not clear why Noordereng lost.

Extract answers

When Kuipers asked for more information, he did not get a satisfactory answer and now he wants the courts to extract those answers. According to Kuipers, this could even result in a reassessment of the plans. WUR spokesman Simon Vink says that the documents it has been sent will be studied. ‘We will respond to the Noordereng Group and their lawyer in due course.’


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