Green light for GLOBUS festival; ticket sales started

The sustainability festival GLOBUS, planned for Saturday 13 June on campus, has now secured the minimum funding it needs to go ahead. The social dimension is also being fleshed out.
Screenshot from the Globus festival trailer. Photo: Globus Festival

Text: Rijk Dersjant

‘Linking sustainability to a broad community approach is important to us,’ explains Environmental Sciences Master’s student Hanna van den Heuvel, one of the organizers. ‘We are investigating whether we can use refugees as volunteers in return for references. We are also in contact with Pantarijn secondary school so we can involve youngsters in the festival. And people with intellectual disabilities are helping produce the decor for the festival.’

GLOBUS is aiming for as green an organization as possible, plus inspiration and revenue, continues Van den Heuvel. ‘GLOBUS will use green energy, we will have eco-toilets where the waste is converted into fertilizer, and the festival tokens will be made of plastic from the ocean. In addition to music, the festival will also feature a rubbish collecting event, with a trash artist using that litter to build an artwork. We want to make sustainability something tangible.’

GLOBUS hopes to use the proceeds to buy 15 hectares of tropical rainforest in Costa Rica. ‘We will do that in partnership with the local Work With Nature foundation. One of our organizers visited them to check they were legitimate, so that we know for sure where our money is going.’

GLOBUS is now definitely going ahead and advance ticket sales have already started. ‘At the moment we are focusing on the programme and promoting the festival. Performers’ diaries soon fill up so it’s important to start booking them now. We have actually already engaged some of the performers but I can’t reveal anything because of our PR plan.’

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