Got an amazing idea for a new WUR MOOC? Create it!

Twenty-five students will learn how to create MOOCs.
Nico van der Veen in the studio. Photo: Sander Breevaart

WUR offers twenty-five students the opportunity to learn how to create MOOCs (massive open online courses).

The students will learn everything about the world of online education in four workshops, and they will come up with proposals for new WUR MOOCs in groups. The team with the best idea can create their MOOC next academic year.

‘For the time being, the course is a one-off, but if its success is proven, the MOOC Challenge will become a recurring course’, says Nico van der Veen, student assistant Open & Online Learning . Last year, in honour of WUR’s centenary, a MOOC was created by students for the first time: The Science of Beer. Van der Veen was one of its creators.

‘As far as I know, WUR is the first university to experiment with MOOCs made entirely by students’, says Van der Veen. ‘A unique step in the world of online education.’

Students can register for the MOOC Challenge until 15 April. The preparatory workshops will yield them three ECTS. The winners can receive a maximum of eighteen ECTS for creating the MOOC.

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