Students buy pool table

A pool table was installed in The Spot in Orion last week. It was bought by two students who got hooked on pool during an exchange in the UK.
Roelof Kleis

Monica van Leeuwen (left) and Caroline Majoor start using the pool table in The Spot. © Roelof Kleis

Monica van Leeuwen and Caroline Kajoor met at Reading University. And when in England, you play pool. There is no escaping it, says Van Leeuwen. ‘There are tables all over the place and people play in every break.’

The two Dutch students took up pool and got hooked. Majoor: ‘The idea came up in the pub: hey, why don’t we do this in Wageningen?’

Back on campus, they first found out whether they would be allowed to place a pool table in one of the building. They had the Forum in mind, but it was The Spot they were directed to. Then they had to find a table. A quick Google led them to a billiards shop in Deventer.

The table they chose is second-hand, but looks as good as new. They’d rather not say what they paid for it. They hope to earn it back from their takings: a round of pool costs one euro.

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