WUR helps international students stranded at Utrecht railway station

The university will set up people around the large NS railway station in Utrecht to help international students get to Wageningen. The reason for this is the lack of trains between Utrecht and Ede-Wageningen.
Albert Sikkema


The Student Service Centre had taken care of every aspect to be able to welcome the new group of international students in Wageningen. The WUR website has clear explanations on which train students have to take to get to Wageningen from Schiphol airport. Once they reach the Ede-Wageningen station, a WUR van would pick up the students. However, the NS decided to make things more challenging. Starting this weekend and for the next two weeks, no trains will run between Utrecht and Arnhem due to maintenance works.


Ingrid Hijman, head of the Student Service Centre, expects international students to possibly get into trouble on their journey to Wageningen. ‘The NS does not provide sufficient information about the cancelled trains to Wageningen. Additionally, it is doubtful whether the NS will use enough buses to serve the passengers between Utrecht and Wageningen. I can already see our new international students, with their large suitcases and scarce knowledge of the Dutch public transport system, get stranded at Utrecht Central Station.’


Communications officer Nadieh Tubben will therefore be sitting at the Utrecht railway station with a WUR flag next Monday. ‘She will observe how things develop and advise international students on how they can reach Wageningen if necessary.’ In addition to Tubben, there will be four Wageningen students at the station. Those students will remain there for the entire week.

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