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Photos: Farmer’s fun at Argo

Take a break from rowing to pull tractors, saw tree trunks and race in wheelbarrows at Argo. The Farmer Challenge, a kind of ‘clumsy farmer’s games’, is part of the 105th anniversary celebrations of the rowing association.

Wheelbarrow races during the Argo Farmer Challenge. © Sven Menschel

Argo is celebrating its lustrum week. ‘Now that everyone’s holidays have started, we are organising a week of great activities’, says chair of the lustrum committee Harm Brouwer. ‘These include parties, brunches, a family day and survival runs.’ The Farmer Challenge on Wednesday 10 July was part of the programme.

‘It was really great’, says Brouwer, who is following the Biotech master’s programme at WUR. ‘The sun was shining, many people attended, and we had some fun and clumsy farmer’s activities. After the games, we enjoyed dinner and some performances together.’

Here is an impression of the Farmer Challenge by photographer Sven Menschel:

Argo Farmer Challenge

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