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More vegan food on campus after petition

MSc student of Environmental Sciences Noortje Keurhorst is enthusiastic about the new plant-based options in the canteens of Forum, Orion and Leeuwenborch. More than 500 people signed her petition for more plant-based food on campus, after which she started working with the caterers.

Jeroen van Rosevelt, caterer at Leeuwenborch, is getting positive feedback on the new plant-based options. ‘I am happy to see people appreciating the changes. Seeing our guests enjoying their meals is why we love our work.’

Yet the vegan options are not selling as well as expected. Forum caterer Ron Nagtegaal believes the word needs to be spread that more plant-based food is now available. Keurhorst agrees: ‘The caterers have made the necessary investments. Now it is up to us.’ The caterers are open to suggestions. Orion caterer Sjaak Wolferink: ‘Even if there is no vegan meal available, we are willing to prepare something.’

The WUR council is working on a memo on sustainable nutrition, to be handed to the Executive board. It says plant-based food fits WUR’s vision, ‘Towards a healthier environment’. Keurhorst is pleased about this. ‘I hope WUR will continue to set an example when it comes to the provision of plant-based food on campus.’

Vegan options available at the campus canteens:


soup, salad bar, sandwiches, hot meals at the evening buffet, Alpro drinks and Alpro desserts, vegan cappuccino (Grand café)


soup, salad bar, sandwiches or wraps, hot meals (occasionally and on demand), energy bars, soya cappuccino, coconut milk cappuccino, almond cappuccino


soup, salad bar, sandwiches or wraps, hot meals like curries, Alpro drinks

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