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Daniel José Maceiras Rijo (23) was known as lazy at secondary school. Which is quite funny, really, because he hardly ever sits still. It was probably because he sometimes found it difficult to concentrate on studying. And he still does. There are so many other nice things to do.
Annie Berendsen

Photo: Annie Berendsen

Sport, for instance. ‘I love it and it helps me to calm down too,’ says Daniel. Here in Wageningen he has taken part in a lot of different sports: football, hockey, gymnastics, boxing, jujitsu, athletics, cycling, rowing and swimming. ‘I always go swimming with a friend, sometimes four days in a row or three times a day.’

Cycling, on the other hand, is more of an occasional form of recreation for Daniel. He recently cycled all the way from Amsterdam to Wageningen. ‘I enjoyed it but when I arrived in the Nude, I was happy to know I would be home in ten minutes.’

I always do a lot of sport, whatever the weather. Rain is no excuse

Daniel is a fourth-year BSc student of International Land and Water Management. He still enjoys the degree programme, although he finds some courses harder than others. What he likes about the programme is the many field trips, the practical side of it. ‘That makes the subject matter much more interesting.’ For his internship Daniel went to Portugal to interview farmers about sustainable farming.

With field trips and lots of sport as his favourite activities, it is clear that Daniel is the outdoor type. He spends an average of ten hours a week on sport and doesn’t let much stand in his way. ‘I always go, whatever the weather. Rain is no excuse.’ He is on his way to the swimming pool now. To swim lengths and also for the sauna. ‘That is very important too, to really be able to relax.’

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