University council agrees to extended schedule

On 14 June the Student Staff Council agreed to the implementation of the Extended Daytime Schedule as of September 2018.
Albert Sikkema

The council had previously rejected the plan unless the executive board complied with eight conditions. After the board had promised to postpone implementing the schedule by a year, to hire more education support personnel and to plan longer lunch breaks, the Student Staff Council agreed to the board’s revised proposal.


During the meeting, the council stated that the executive board had complied with five of its eight conditions for implementing the extended daytime schedule. The board will not free more money for the subject coordinators who now have to reduce their 45-minute lessons to blocks of 40 minutes. The board feels that the coordinators have sufficient time to make this transition, especially since the plan won’t be implemented for another year. The council accepted this explanation.

Lunch break

The council also accepted the board’s explanation of why two longer lunch breaks a week is not feasible for all students since the new schedule would then result in to little extra space for lectures to be held. The council now advocates a three-year transition period in which the board can gradually reduce the number of longer breaks.

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