A lot of interest in film competition

Forty six students are taking part in the 30 Hours of Film Challenge, a film competition run by the student vacancy website WURKforce. The first prize is a part-time job in the new WUR studio.
Liza van Kapel

Entrants get 30 hours in which to put together a video. The entire production process must take place in that time: writing the script, filming and editing. ‘The demand for video material for MOOCs and training programmes has been increasing lately,’ explains Nick Rensen of WURKforce. ‘At the moment we have to hire external parties for every film. That is very time-consuming.’

So the idea came up of establishing WUR’s own studio and recruiting students who could run the studio with supervision from WURKforce. ‘It’s important to me to work with students because they are part of the target group for the videos,’ explains Rensen. ‘Besides, we like to give students with particular skills a chance to do interesting work. And many students have video-making skills.’

WURKforce opted for a challenge instead of a conventional application procedure because then any interested students could take part, says Rensen. ‘Even if they don’t have a portfolio of films on their CV. We’ve had a lot more sign-ups than we expected. We aimed at 30 students. And the standard of the entrants is very high.’ The setup of the film competition has been copied from the global 48 Hour Film Project. The films will be screened in The Spot on 18 January.

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