Students in revamped Duivendaal

The plans for a makeover for Duivendaal and Hof van Wageningen include space for 345 housing units. These are intended for a mix of students, PhD candidates, seniors and young couples. This is outlined in a plan for the area in the middle of Wageningen, drawn up by the town’s mayor and councillors.
Roelof Kleis

A key element of the plan is the demolition of part of the current hotel and conference centre Hof van Wageningen – the long wing on the Lawickse Allee. Part of this land will become parkland and the hotel’s high-rise block will be doubled in size. A block of 120 housing units will be built right next to the hotel. To the left of the hotel there will be a multi-storey carpark.

The Duivendaal compound, which belongs to Wageningen University & Research, has space for 225 housing units. The former WUR administration building, in which 180 students have been living since 2013, is to stay. The terrain will be landscaped like a park, and listed buildings and trees will be preserved. The town council has not yet said what it thinks about the plans. Implementation is expected to take ten years.

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