Roel Dijksma Teacher of the Year

Roel Dijksma was nominated as best teacher of 2016. During the ceremony in Impulse the teacher of Hydrogeology was awarded the Teacher of the Year Award.
Linda van der Nat

The Skype connection with winner Roel Dijksma, with in the foreground from left to right jury chairman Jaco Slingerland, jury member Teun Fiers, nominated André van Lammeren, Ute Sass-Klaassen, Maria Forlenza en Noëlle Aarts, Dijksma’s PhD’er Tjitske Geertsema, who received the award on his behalf, and jury members Douwe de Vries and Maaike Vollering. Photo: Guy Ackermans.

‘I am really proud’, was Dijksma’s reaction. He is currently abroad and so Skype was used to connect with him. He was visibly happy with the prize. It is the first time that Dijksma won the prize. Also his nomination as one of the five best teachers was a first, though he had been on the longlist earlier.

The student jury praises Dijksma for his enthusiasm, the great stories and his approachability for students. Students can always contact him; during breaks, through one-on-one meetings and even through WhatsApp and Skype. Also his excursions are unforgettable, students still remember the time when they were surprised by a rain shower and upon instructions from Dijksma, stood together like penguins to arm themselves against the elements, according to the jury.

Dijksma has been working at Wageningen University since 1982. He gives several lectures, from the first bachelor year up until the last year of the master. He still learns by following classes of colleagues. Students who do not follow his lessons might know him from the soil drilling contest, in which he was closely involved, every year.

Dijksma received the bronze statue De Leermeester, a replica of the artwork of Jan Praet which stands in front of Leeuwenborch. Besides this, like the other nominees, he received 2500 euro, a certificate and the jury report. In the race for the title Roel Dijksma left Noëlle Aarts, Maria Forlenza, André van Lammeren en Ute Sass-Klaassen behind. Last year Noëlle Aarts won the prize .

The Teacher of the Year Award is an initiative of the University Fund Wageningen. It was the first time that the award ceremony was held together with the presentation of the education awards.

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