Police are searching for thief

The police is looking for a thieve who stole 1500 euro from the Futurum building on Wageningen campus. The television programme BureauGLD shared surveillance images last week.
Rob Ramaker

The thief stole on January 21st at 9pm in the Futurum building where Impulse and the Restaurant for the Future are located. He tried to disguise his identity with a hat and piece of cloth, but the surveillance cameras caught him on tape. The tape shows a white, skinny young man, who calmly walks out with an AH bag.

So far the broadcast has not returned any tips, says police officer Arnoud Entius. He hopes that the young man will be recognized by an employee or student of Wageningen UR. He calls for everyone with tips to report them.

Broadcast: at 5 minutes, the theft on campus is shown (Dutch only).

On Wageningen campus laptops, smartphones and wallets are regularly stolen, Bart Sjoerts told Resource last March. When attentive employees in Axis managed to overpower a thief who threatened them with a screwdriver.

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