Introduction information system WISE postponed

The introduction of the new study information system WISE, which was planned on 12 April 2016, is postponed until at least November.
Twan van der Slikke

The steering group who supervises the transition from the old student information system (SIS) to the new one, made this decision. The reason is that while testing, the system was found to be insufficiently stable.’

‘In the past months we repeatedly tested the programme to remove all bugs’, says Ingrid Hijman, head of Student Service Center. ‘Unfortunately it was found in the last test that the data in the information system, such as the curriculum and exam grades, were not fully reliable and stable.’

For students and employees this delay has no negative consequences. For the time being they can carry on using the old system. The former warning that education data could not be entered between 21 March and 12 April is no longer applicable.

The next possibility to introduce WISE will be at least half a year later, says Simon Vink, spokesman of the Board of Directors. ‘There is too much data transfer at the end and beginning of the academic yea. A new attempt can therefore be done at the earliest in November.’

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