Students in power

Students will soon have the chance to put their stamp on Wageningen’s municipal policy. Candidate lists for the elections on March 19th include more students than ever before.
Linda van der Nat

PvdA, SP, GroenLinks, D66, ChristenUnie and the Stadspartij all have at least one student among their candidates standing for election. Only VVD and SGP have none. GroenLinks and D66 have particularly strong student representation; their candidate lists each include three students. The CDA has one PhD candidate aiming for a seat. In total ten students will compete for a seat on the council, and one PhD candidate.

This is a considerable increase on the last time around, says Carina Nieuwenweg, first-year student of Molecular Life Sciences, and fifth on the PvdA’s candidate list. Carina believes that more and more students are feeling a civic responsibility, partly because of the crisis. ‘They are getting involved in politics, and want to do something.’ She is also noticing that the Wageningen parties feel that students are a group among which there are gains to be made. ‘They have seen how Peter Veldman, now a municipal council member for D66, has focused successfully on students.’

Peter Veldman, currently the only student on the council, thinks that the increase in the number of students is indeed due to the good results achieved by D66. In addition, he believes, contacts between the municipality and students have improved. ‘The Student Council has emerged as a strong partner in dialogue and as a lobbying force. This has prompted political parties to start actively approaching students.’

Peter is pleased that there are soon likely to be more students occupying the plush council seats. ‘More students or young people can invigorate politics.’

Kandidaten kieslijstD66
Peter Veldman, Bsc Bedrijfs- en consumentenwetenschappen
Jan-Willem Lammers, Dierwetenschappen (VHL)
Antoon Kanis, Bsc Economie en beleid
Roel van Cauwenberghe, Msc Forest and nature conservation
Kim van Sparrentak, Msc Urban environmental management
Erik-Jan Bijleveld, Msc Biology en Msc Forest and nature conservation
Carina Nieuwenweg, Bsc Moleculaire levenswetenschappen
Peter van Beveren, PhD bij Farm Technology Group
Mark Reijerman, Bsc Voeding en gezondheid
Roan van Ederen, Bsc Voedingsmiddelentechnologie
Arie van Eck, Bsc Economie en beleid

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