Best hangover hunger meals

You know the drill: that last beer was one too many.
De Ommuurde Tuin

The best cup of coffee

Where can you find the best coffee in Wageningen?

Bunker from a distance

Coronavirus or not, there will be partying at the Bunker every night…

Global contract

Blogger Geert van Zandbrink hopes the climate crisis – just like the…

Tally sheet tablet is free but comes with ads

A smart student from Delft University has come up with a tablet…

Time is ripe to mow blooming campus gardens

Several natural gardens around the campus were mown this week, even though…

Blog: The power of re-framing failure

Blogger Katrin visited a masterclass The Art of Failure. She learned two…

Huge banner on crane urges WUR to state position

The banner is a 'friendly reminder' to WUR.

New technique for measuring forces in plant cells

Through interdisciplinary research, WUR researchers have succeeded in measuring miniscule mechanical forces…

Huge banner on crane urges WUR to state position

The climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has hung an enormous banner from…