[De Neus] WURturing Minds, WURking on the Future

Nieuws met een luchtje.
Voormalig WUR-logo als kunstWURk bij FoWURm. Foto Resource

Ter gelegenheid van de dies schreef WURd-kunstenaar Harry Melich – bedenker van álle WUR-woordcombinaties – een ode aan de jarige universiteit. Bij wijze van verjaardagscadeau publiceert Resource het lofdicht integraal.

‘Nestled in the scenic landscape of the Netherlands, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, shaping the WURldview of its diverse WURkforce and students.

At Wageningen, hardWURking individuals from around the WURld converge to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing society. From increasing biodiWURsity to feeding the growing WURld population, the university’s WURkforce is dedicated to finding ansWURs to the WURld’s most pressing problems.

Yet amidst the noble WURsuit of knowledge, WURries occasionally WURrface. The WURkload can be daunting, and the fear of failure looms as the WURst-case scenario. HoweWUR, within the supportive netWURk of co-WURkers, these WURries are met with understanding and encouragement.

At WUR, it’s not all WURk and no play

Wageningen’s WURldview is broad and inclusive, embracing diverse WURspectives and disciplines. From the intricacies of the underWURld to the beauty of a blooming floWUR, students and researchers explore the complexities of the natural WURld with WURiosity and reWURence.

In WUR’s laboratories, creativity flourishes like a delicate floWUR in bloom. Whether altering the genetic makeup of caulifloWUR using CRISW-R-Cas, or studying the mating behaviour of earthWURms, students and faculty alike are empoWURred to unleash their full potential. Together, they possess a superpoWUR to effect positive change in the WURld.

But it’s not all WURk and no play at WUR. After a long day of research and study, students relax with a soothing shoWUR, unwind at the local breWURy, or enjoy a nice BBQ with plenty of curryWURst and WURcestershire sauce. Life could be WURse!’

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