Open fire restricted

Open fire is to be banned on campus. The forum fire pit is to be removed in time.
Photo Roelof Kleis

Park manager Elike Wijnheimer responds to criticism on fire pits at Forum. ‘We will not prohibit barbecues entirely (yet), but we will no longer permit fire pits and campfires during events.’ The barbecue spot and fire pit at Forum will be phased out, meaning they will not be replaced when no longer functional.

The fire pit and BBQ spot were constructed next to Forum in 2013. The “braais” were to compensate for the relatively barren campus and to make it a more welcoming place for students. The pit was replaced in 2019 when rust took over. ‘We expect the same to happen in about two years, at which time it will be removed’, says Wijnheimer.

Fire instruction

The facilities remain available for use for the time being, but conditions apply. Permission is required, and -since two years ago- the fire must be built according to the Stookwijzer fire instruction. That means no open fire when there is no wind or when there is smog because these conditions prevent particulates from dispersing. The barbecue was used 42 times this year.

I am happy that open fire is no longer permitted at events

Bert Heusinkveld, Air Quality expert

Utrecht municipality recently became the first Dutch city in the Netherlands to prohibit open fire in fire pits as of 2025. That prompted Air Quality expert Bert Heusinkveld to call for a ban on fire pits on the campus. He is delighted about WUR’s decision. ‘I am happy that open fire is no longer permitted at events. It’s a pity the fire pits will take a few years.’

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