In the picture: living among abandoned labs

The old campus is an inspiring place that calls for wandering around with a camera.
All photos Julia van der Westhuyzen

Student editor Julia takes us along.

Text Julia van der Westhuyzen

‘When I first arrived at Nano – my new home in Wageningen – I knew immediately it would be an interesting place to live. Perched on top of the town’s ‘mountain’, the old university campus is characterized by red-brick buildings, out-dated signs and arbitrary construction work that is busy turning into brand new student accommodation.

After months of settling-in and watching the seasons change through my bedroom window (which I suspect was once an office window) I decided to pick up my camera. In the pictures you can see scenes from abandoned labs and remnants of student life, contrastingly placed within the backdrop of university signage and scenes.

Most people I know really love living at Nano for the great sense of community and access outdoor space. A lot of us can’t help but smile every time we tell someone we live in ‘toxicology’ or ‘microbiology’. The reason I love living here is the excitement that comes with waking up every day somewhere between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’.’

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