Attending courses at other universities simplified

WUR-students can more easily follow courses at Utrecht University and the TU Eindhoven.
Attending courses at, for example, the TU Eindhoven has become easier. Photo Robert Coolen, Shutterstock

The EduXchange platform enables students to explore and enrol for courses at other universities. Their study results are subsequently passed on to their regular university. This video explains exactly how this works.

There are currently over sixty courses available from which to choose. More are to be added each year. The launch of this platform is ‘A first step in making it easier for students to design their own curriculum beyond university borders’, states an announcement on the EWUU website. The EWUU is the collaborative organisation of  the TU Eindhoven, WUR, Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht .

‘EduXchange is deceptively unspectacular’, programme director flexibilisation Ulrike Wild states. ‘Following courses at another university was always an option but required a lot of research and logistics. You would have to consult different study guides, for example, and once you selected a course, you would have to go to that university’s student service centre with your passport and proof of enrolment. This is no longer necessary with EduXchange. The range of courses available at other universities is made much more accessible, which makes it a lot easier for students wishing to follow a course elsewhere.’


At present, EduXchange is a pilot within the EWUU-alliance. In the future, other institutes are to join. Wild: ‘Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam will join. We are currently discussing with Studielink how best to use and expand EduXchange.’ EduXchange has great potential, says Wild. ‘I imagine universities may wish to exchange specialised courses. This may even lead to changes in programmes. Interesting for both students and the education programmes.’

Wild has a message for students wanting to follow a course that is not yet included: ‘EduXchange currently has a limited range, but this is just the beginning. In a few months, the selection will be much larger.’

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