Women advance in citation ranking

Increasing number of WUR women among those most frequently cited in their field.
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In the latest global ranking of the most frequently cited scientists, WUR features 26 researchers, 5 of which are women. This number shows a steady increase.

Just two years ago, soil scientist Saskia Keesstra was the very first female WUR-scientist to feature in the ranking. The share of women among the WUR scientists in the ranking is now 20 per cent. The total number of WUR scientists in the ranking increased by one.

Soil scientist Keesstra, ecologist Liesje Mommer and microbiologist Clara Belzer are joined by soil scientist Violetta Geissen and aquatic ecologist Ellen Besseling. The latter, however, no longer works as a scientist but took on a position as a policy advisor with the Rijn and Ijssel water authority after obtaining her PhD in 2018.

Highly Cited

A mention in the Highly Cited indicates the scientist is among the most frequently cited scientists in one or more fields. The ranking is based on the number of articles that are most frequently cited as well as the total citation score of all articles. The global ranking lists 6600 scientists this year.

The list of Wageningen’s frequently cited scientists is a dynamic one. Six names were removed from the list in 2020: Lourens Poorter, Marcel Dicke, Vincenzo Fogliano, Martin Herold, Gerard Heuvelink and David Kleijn. In addition to the abovementioned women, new names on the list are: hydrologist Albert van Dijk, entomologist Arnold van Huis, aquatic ecologist Egbert van Nes, plant scientist Jasper van Ruijven and biochemist Dolf Weijers.

List of countries

With 207 names, the Netherlands performs exceptionally well and is listed sixth on the list of countries. The United States remains unchallenged in the number one position it has occupied for aeons, with 2622 scientists making up 40 per cent of the total. Next come China (935), England (492), Australia (332) and Germany (331). Within the Netherlands, Utrecht is just above WUR with 29 mentions.

  • Rob Alkemade, environmental systems analyst
  • Gerco Angenent, plant scientist
  • Clara Belzer, microbiologist
  • Ellen Besseling, aquatic ecologist
  • Albert van Dijk, hydrologist
  • Violette Geissen, soil physiologist
  • Ken Giller, plant scientist
  • Jan Willem van Groenigen, soil biologist
  • Rudolf de Groot, environmental systems analyst
  • Arnold van Huis, entomologist
  • Martin van Ittersum, plant scientist
  • Saskia Keesstra, soil scientist
  • Michiel Kleerebezem, microbiologist
  • Bart Koelmans, aquatic ecologist
  • Marnix Medema, bioinformatician
  • Liesje Mommer, plant ecologist
  • Egbert van Nes, aquatic ecologist
  • Oene Oenema, soil scientist
  • John van der Oost, microbiologist
  • Wim van der Putten, nematologist
  • Jasper van Ruijven, plant ecologist
  • Michiel Schaeffer, environmental systems analyst
  • Marten Scheffer, aquatic ecologist
  • Andrzej Tabeau, economist
  • Willem de Vos, microbiologist
  • Dolf Weijers, biochemist

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