New expo-space near Impulse

Ten billboards along Stippeneng are to cause a stir.
Photo: Roelof Kleis

This Monday, the first photo exhibition will be organised. The billboards are an initiative of, and belong to, Impulse says campus community manager Nicolien Pieterse. The exhibitions aim to ‘boost discussions’ within the campus community. ‘It is a great way to open a dialogue and start a conversation with each other.’


The idea was born during the corona crisis. ‘Because of corona, only a few people were allowed inside the buildings’, she explains. ‘How can you still reach each other? It would be good to have something on display outdoors.’ This gave rise to the idea of placing billboards. In a sense, they form an addition to the exhibits inside Impulse, but outdoors.

An exhibition may lead to chance meetings. People striking up a conversation about one of the boards

Nicolien Pieterse, campus community manager

The expo has a broad approach. The first exhibition is a photo expo by a student who did thesis research in Ghana on the informal waste industry. But, anything is possible, says Pieterse. ‘As long as it communicates and is linked to the domain we are involved in on the campus.’


An exposition contributes to interaction between people. ‘In science, we have the phenomenon serendipity, the chance discovery, which Louise Fresco discussed during the Opening of the Academic Year. In a similar way, an exhibition may lead to chance meetings. People striking up a conversation about one of the boards.’

Each expo will run for approximately two months. The exhibitions will be linked to activities within Impulse or the new Omnia building. A lecture, for example, dialogue or workshop. ‘Currently, this is quite a challenge due to corona, but that will hopefully change soon.’


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