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It was love at first sight at Artis Zoo for blogger Aarzoo.

‘Ever felt the smoothness and beauty of falling in love with animals? I did and always do’.

Hello, and Namaste readers, your blogger from India living in Wageningen has come up again with one of her life stories about her recent visit to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.
Well, like always, I tried to spend my weekend outside of Wageningen to explore the best of the Netherlands in my own ways. This time I went to Artis Zoo, which I had already visited in 2019, but I wanted to show it to my other friends, and so we decided to go there together. 

I try to spend my weekend outside of Wageningen to explore the best of the Netherlands

If only the lovely and captivating eyes, beautiful voices and innocent gestures could ever be ignored, I would not have gone to revisit the place. When I was little, my parents took me to the zoo in India, which was a really delightful and fun trip. Enjoying nature’s beautiful gift of greenery around the zoo and the animals themselves was really one of the best experiences of my childhood.

Well, another aspect of this place is a bit hard to accept: the caging of the animals. We had some discussions about it, but to me, both sides matter. But still, providing the best environment and habitat for the animals, even in a zoo, is something that makes me feel better for them. Honestly, this cannot be compared with the natural environment and forests where they really belong, but human evolution has really caused many changes in animals’ lives, which we all secretly accept in our hearts.

Another aspect of this place is a bit hard to accept: the caging of the animals

I am familiar with this contradictory feeling as I felt the same the last time when I was at the zoo. But, seeing the animals in a desirable environment, the best that can be done, made me really happy for them.
During my visit, I loved seeing sea lions and elephants especially, but I was also very scared of seeing the reptiles. I enjoyed seeing butterflies that were housed in a nice, natural habitat, as were the monkeys, penguins and others.

I really loved the way everyone was enjoying the moment with the animals around, especially the kids. Indeed, we had a great weekend by surrounding ourselves with animals.
Try visiting the zoo, and see you in my next blog, readers.

Aarzoo Kohra is a master’s student in Plant Sciences from India. She lives in Dijkgraaf.

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  1. Is always amazing to revisit places that made you happy and build new stories on them thanks for your Blog

  2. It’s so sweet of you to show your friends one of your amazing memories and experiences in the Netherlands! The zoo is such an amazing place where always makes people feel like going back to their childhood. I would love to visit one day! Always thanks for your blog 🙂

  3. Your blog remind me of my childhood happiness. Going to zoo is indeed a very fun way to spend the weekend. The view, atmosphere, and interaction with the animals in zoo always bring me joy. I do agree that caging is a bit unpleasant side of the zoo. However, I try to look into the positive aspect of zoo. I think zoo is a way to introduce animals to children which foster human-animal connections so we can better taking care of them in the future.
    In the end, you can’t expect someone to protect something if they don’t know it well, right?!

  4. I hadn’t never thought about the debate of animals in the zoo. I think it’s important to have an space for people to see them and enjoy be more in touch with these animals as your friends did.

  5. It is really nice that you also pondered upon how caging the animals might not be right! I love reading your blogs, specially how you always mention your friends ❤️

  6. I recognize the contradictory feelings you have towards visiting a zoo. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to read about your experiences, the childhood memories it brought back to you and the new memories you created with your friends!

  7. I also love visiting the zoo. And elephants are also one of my favorite animals! They are intelligent and have very good memory. Thx for sharing your lovely experience!

  8. I always enjoy reading your blog and now I can’t wait to visit the Artis Zoo. Thanks for your review girl 😉Please keep blogging with exciting and beautiful places of the Netherlands. Love, DechC

  9. Interesting read! Finally, someone is talking about the caged animals. I went there with my friend and she cried like a baby. It’s tad bit sad you know.

  10. I definetely can relate to the contradictory feeling you have. I remember my friend hate to go to zoo because it shows how superior we are as human being, compare with other creations.
    I visited zoo few weeks ago, I can say it was nice and sad at the same time. I thought I was weird, but I am happy that I am not alone having that feeling.
    As always, Can’t wait for your next blog!!!!

  11. It’s really nice that you enjoy nature and animals, here in the Netherlands zoos are often located nearby national parks so in most cases you are more than compensated for visiting! I have recently visited the zoo in Tilburg, maybe you can give it a try next time 😉 Love to read about your travelling experiences, keep it up <3