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Herinneringen zijn ‘hartschatten’, zegt blogger Aarzoo. Zorg daarom voor veel memorabele momenten.
Aarzo Kohra

Hello, dear readers, I hope summers are enjoyable for you! These warm days remind me a bit of Indian summers, when I used to come back from school in the scorching sun, longing for a refreshing drink made by my mother. And of my dad running towards me as soon as he saw me on my bike returning from school. He used to take my bag from me, and then we just shared some laughter and ate lunch together. Well, memories are the treasures of the heart. They keep me alive and happy.

Recently, now that corona restrictions have been loosened, my friend and I decided to pick up on our dream of going to an amusement park together: Walibi. We were so excited, and it was surely worth being there and trying different rides and games. We started with a roller coaster ride which was so amazing and filled with different turns and craziness. Additionally, we sat on different rides, even in the water, a giant Ferris wheel, free fall, the express train, and others. Seeing all these people enjoying themselves so much filled me with joy.

We ate lunch and ice cream and also a huge cotton candy. Well, that cotton candy was hard to finish, but we managed, haha. The place’s vibes were so soothing to our souls, that long for adventure and fun in life. Although, I also saw some people afraid of the fast rides, who stood waiting outside the rides for their children who were inside enjoying themselves without any fear.

The place’s vibes were so soothing to our souls, that long for adventure and fun in life

Seeing these children with a big smile, laughter and the courage to enjoy everything in an amusement park brought back my childhood memories. I still remember how happy I used to be whenever my parents took me to an amusement park. They both didn’t like any high and fast rides, but they still took me for my happiness. To think of their waving hands in the distance still brings tears to my eyes. I still miss those moments when there was less responsibility and more carefree days.

Well, growing up is all about this, right? You grow with everything, whether it is experience, memories, responsibilities or career, passion, choices and other things. But all you have with you are those special memories of moments you want to engrave in your heart. For me, this visit to Walibi was one of them.

So, keep making memorable moments, enjoy life to the fullest.
See you in my next blog, guys.

Aarzoo Kohra is een masterstudent Plant Sciences. Ze woont op Dijkgraaf.

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