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In de natuur komt blogger Aarzoo helemaal tot rust.
Aarzoo Kohra

Hello readers, hope everyone is enjoying summer. Although, sometimes it is too warm to handle for me and those winds that seem too strong and annoying to me during winters – especially while biking (haha, relatable, right) – feel much better on a summer evening. Being Indian, no doubt I have already experienced very hot summers, and personally, I don’t like extremes of any weather. Compared to India, I prefer the summers here as they are still bearable for me. Also going tor the Rhine for swimming or a picnic is always fun.

Well, from my blogs, you must have understood how much I embrace nature and its beauty. Last weekend, I went to spend a full day at a ranch in Purmerend with my friend. As soon as we were about to reach the place, I already started feeling so peaceful and calm. It was a rural area near the countryside with lots of grasslands, sheep, goats, chickens and crops. The place where we stayed has a very beautiful atmosphere reminding me of the rural area. We fed the sheep, played with the dog “Blanca” of the family whose ranch we stayed in. The family was also so nice and hospitable. They maintained such an amazing studio for staying, also a well-built outdoor kitchen.

I realised how important it is to give ourselves a tour of the root of our livelihoods, that is, the rural environment

Walking on the grass barefoot was so relaxing and de-stressing. I realised how important it is to give ourselves a tour of the root of our livelihoods, that is, the rural environment. It takes us close to nature and the beauty of mother earth.
Watching the sunset and connecting ourselves with that single moment was something indescribable. It was a great feeling of seeing a lamb drinking it’s mother’s milk, the family taking care of us and making us feel at home, the beautiful dog playing with their kid.

At that moment, life stood still, and I wished the time could just stop right there for a while. I even imagined my life to be like this some years after my studies. It felt complete within itself.
We students have several dreams to fulfill, for which we struggle and work hard. Whenever I visit such places, it reminds me of my dream that I want to accomplish, connected so close to nature and relaxing in the arms of mother earth.

My dearest readers, especially nature lovers, I want to say that I love embracing nature and its beauty. Keep enjoying every gift of mother earth. See you in my next blog.

Aarzoo Kohra is een masterstudent Plant Sciences. Ze woont op Dijkgraaf.

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