Blog: Wagging tails bring love

Om te ontstressen ging blogger Aarzoo op zoek naar een leen-hond.
Aarzoo Kohra

Namaste readers, I hope you all are doing well. After the lockdown measures have been a bit relieved these days, I obviously see more people outside than usual. It feels a bit better to see these changes as it kind of represents the time before the pandemic. Still, safety is in our hands, so wearing masks and using sanitisers is basic. I hope we will slowly move towards an even better situation, and feel the same as it used to be without a pandemic.

As I have said in my previous blogs, I have many friends in Wageningen, and I love spending time with them. However, sometimes the ‘overthinker me’ makes me stressed, thinking about the conditions in India, worrying about parents and friends and some other personal life issues. I also tend to get really emotional about small things. To overcome this, I posted a message on Wageningen Student Plaza asking if someone had a pet dog for me to play with for a while. First, I wasn’t sure about posting it, but later I just did it. And, hurray, I received so many replies! It just made my day. Subsequently, I planned the meeting with the owners and their respective cute pet dogs. I met Gusti, Ema and Demi, such lovable and playful dogs. Playing with them just made me feel so relaxed and un-stressed. I also took my best friend Keumwoo Lee with me to play with them. She definitely enjoyed it even more than I did.

While playing with them, I gathered a lot of love from those dogs and realised how blessed we humans are to have animals around to love us. Sometimes what humans can’t do, animals can. All they need is your love, and then you see how exponentially they reciprocate their love for you. To all the animal lovers and pet owners, I want to share my gratitude, and tell you that I feel really good whenever I see any of you, anywhere in the world.

We listen to their hearts and give them warmth and, in return, receive an unlimited bundle of joy and happiness. 
In my life, this experience of playing with dogs will be one of the most precious moments to remember from Wageningen.

Keep loving and try playing with pets, if possible. See you all in my next blog.

Aarzoo Kohra is een masterstudent Plant Sciences. Ze woont op Dijkgraaf.

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