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To overcome low-grade disappointment was an important lesson for blogger Aarzoo.
Aarzoo Kohra

Hello readers, firstly, thanks for showing so much love in your comments on my latest blog. Secondly, in that blog, I asked you to smile while reading. In turn, your comments made me smile even more. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people around me.

Well, moving to my new blog, as the title of my blog says, yes, there is indeed something important for me called ‘grades’.  Academic life has been both challenging and smooth at certain moments in my life. Dealing with complexities, difficult theories, and literature is one part. While loving some topics, developing an interest, coming up with new ideas, an affinity for reading is another part of studies.

For the past six months, I have been working on my thesis and trust me, it was not easy

For the past six months, I have been working on my thesis and trust me, it was not easy, especially in a pandemic situation. I went through various difficulties, such as doing a course and a thesis to fulfil my credit requirements, working in a lab and a greenhouse on new things and with others.
This was the first time in my academic life that I did a thesis, as back during my bachelors, I didn’t have a thesis. I was both nervous and excited in the beginning, but later, with time, it went well. However, at some moment in time, I also felt a bit stressful when it came to data analysis and the writing part. Still, I tried my best to finish it in time and start my internship, which I am currently doing.

During these six months, I became relieved whenever I passed the course with the grades I expected from myself based on my potential and thus completed my 1st academic year’s credits. It was really a brain calming thing that happened to me during that phase. Both my personal and professional life were still on track until I heard my thesis grades.

Both my personal and professional life were still on track until I heard my thesis grades

I’ve heard and felt several times that expectation hurts but expecting within my own boundaries based on my potential is my way of working. I had never allowed “expectations” to overcome my inner strength and peace for a long time. Seeing lower grades than I expected, I should feel really down and upset.

But from this and all the past problems, I’ve ever encountered, I have learnt to accept things and try to move on towards something better ahead. Life is full of opportunities. Sticking with one problem isn’t the solution. So, here I am again, with the same smile, exploring the opportunities ahead in my life. Because I am very important to me and so everyone must be for themselves.

Enjoy, worry less and move more. See you in my next blog.

Aarzoo Kohra is a master’s student in Plant Sciences. She lives in Dijkgraaf.

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  1. This is something that a lot of people coming from other countries experience here. Is always nice to find thar you are not alone and you can relate to someone else.

    Amazing as always thank you for sharing. 😁

  2. Indeed. How to live with expectations is everyone needs to learn! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Wow, it is always nice to learn something from your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    Can’t wait for your upcoming article!!! 🌼