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Happy with the snow, but thesis work made blogger Aarzoo feel low.
Aarzoo Kohra

Hello again, my beautiful readers. Thanks for showing love to my first blog, but here I am again with one of my life’s never-ending stories. Before I get started, I request you to smile while reading as I know that everyone has their deadlines for work and issues in any form, so this might help for some moments. Well, the past few weeks for me were like being on a mood rollercoaster as I went through turns of happiness to steep slopes of stress, but in the end, it was a fun ride.

I went through turns of happiness to steep slopes of stress

As you all, living in the Netherlands would have experienced the snow last month; it was more exciting as it was my first snow. Like really, I was so happy to see it snowing that I decided to enjoy the fullest. It went from video calling parents, to playing with snowballs with random people and their playful pets, to taking more than a hundred pictures and trying ice-skating for the first time. The beautiful morning view from my window and my room’s mirror reflecting my smile. It was going well until I reached the end of my thesis.

Believe me, it was way lot of work and far too stressful. That quick transition of my smile emanating from my mirror to my anxious face made me feel low and sad. Also, my friends noticed me being stressed and moody, so they tried to help me with their funny conversation. It was really sweet of them to always be there for me at any phase of my life.  But little by little, with passing time, I kept working on my report and finally did it. Of course, for the first time, I experienced sleeplessness in the nights due to stress, but soon I realized that whatever it is, it shall pass.

For the first time, I experienced sleeplessness in the nights due to stress

To keep myself motivated with a grin, I sometimes tried listening to my favourite songs, updating stories, texting friends and also dancing with my best friend. These activities really helped me come out of the stressful environment and made my mind sufficiently better to be productive again. I felt the importance of extra-curricular activities in daily life as it actually helps to deal with a lot of stuff.

Don’t forget to look in the mirror to remind yourself how precious your smile is

This whole story made me realize that we all are travelling on a rollercoaster of emotions, moods and phases. While travelling, don’t forget to look in the mirror  to remind yourself how precious your smile is, as are fun and health (mental and physical) during each phase.

Enjoy, see you all in my next blog.

Aarzoo Kohra is a master’s student in Plant Sciences. She lives in Dijkgraaf.

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  1. Everyone is going through tough times, and the only thing we can do is just be there for them. I’m genuinely happy that you are surrounded by people who make you smile and help to keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next blog. Cheers!

  2. I really like your blog. And yes, the idea of looking at the mirror is pretty interesting. I would love to try to do that.
    Can’t wait to read the next article 🌻🌻🌻

  3. Really like your words. We all need to cherish our smiles ,and find a way to forgive and heal our hearts. Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Such a lovely article Aarzoo💜 and I’m happy that you are with many nice people around you. Can’t wait for the next article😆😆