Wageningen in free-fall as ‘student room city’

Wageningen is rated second to last in the election for best student room city 2019. Last year, Wageningen came in second place.
Roelof Kleis

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The free-fall is the result of new regulations making it more difficult for citizens to rent accommodations to students, student union LSVb, who organised the election, states. Since last year, Wageningen municipality limits the number of student houses per street. Students may inhabit no more than five per cent of the houses in any given street.


Wageningen has the strictest policy in this regard of all thirteen student cities, according to the LSVb. In the competition, this resulted in a loss of 10 of the 12 points Wageningen received last year. The least of all municipalities. Wageningen falls from the second-best to the second-last place. Maastricht scores highest, while Tilburg closes the list below Wageningen.



On the other hand, the city policy regarding housing corporations is rated excellent, says the LSVb. The collaboration with student housing organisation Idealis is ‘very good’ and is awarded 14 out of the maximum of 15 points. In the regard, the annual Student Housing Monitor, which predicts the number of students and the building programme, are exemplary.

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