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Up till now Resource blogger Kaavya Raveendran always knew what she would be doing in the next phase of her life. But his time she makes an exception: Kaavya takes a break.
Kaavya Raveendran

© Sven Menschel What’s next? This question kept ringing in my ears for weeks after the day the last grade was uploaded in my SPA. It all started in my thesis defence, then was followed by my family, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Sure, it is an important question and up till now, I have always had an answer. Even before people came around to ask me that, I have known what I’ll be doing in the next phase of my life, for my own peace of mind. But this time I made an exception

My time in Wageningen and the student culture here has changed me in multiple ways. So many, that you can expect a separate blog on that. But most importantly in understanding that education or my student life is just a part of the many other things I should be doing at this stage of life. Yes, it is an important part and hard-earned too, but my life shouldn’t just be revolving around getting a degree.

I should have taken more breaks in my life

Previously it was pretty much like that, but my master’s life changed everything. Wageningen taught me the importance of having a well-rounded life that doesn’t end up making me frustrated with my routine, instead, it made me feel worthy of a break for all the hard work I put in my studies. So breaking out of routine, enjoying my life for a bit, busting off steaming and then getting back to track with the next thing.

That’s exactly my situation now, I am travelling, reconnecting with friends and family, growing to like the "worklessness" and finally realising that I am not just entitled to all this, in fact, I should have taken more breaks in my life. These breaks are vital, for rejuvenation, clarity of thought and comprehending your stand on the next phase of life. You take time, so you think, process and then make a better decision. Most people often don’t believe or do this, it’s a personal choice, but for me, it turned out to be a rewarding option.

We all have pressure, financially or in terms of responsibility. But allowing all that to victimize you, puts you in a very negative state. You even may end up hating doing everything that you earlier loved. All in the name of slogging without a break. So, don’t be shy, take a break, breathe out a little and then start again. When you decide the pace of your own life, it becomes more yours and yours alone.

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