VeSte wins Student Council elections, S&I bigger

VeSte won the Student Council elections and will once again fill 7 of the 12 seats next academic year. S&I has gained an extra seat (going from three to four) at the expense of CSF. The Christian student party is left with only one seat.
The new Student Council with rector magnificus Arthur Mol. Photo: Student Council

The election results were announced in the Forum on Tuesday 28 May. ‘We are delighted with this result,’ says Roos Verstegen of VeSte. ‘It shows that our efforts for high quality education are appreciated and supported by the students. That’s nice because after all we are doing it for them.’

 Our efforts for high quality education are appreciated 

Roos Verstegen, VeSte

Last year, CSF won two seats but there will now only be one CFS member on the Student Council in the coming academic year. ‘Harm Ligtenberg will have to work hard,’ says CSF chair Cito Gilbert Wakenge. ‘My advice to him is to choose your battles wisely. Because if you want to make an impact, you need to focus.’

S&I (Sustainability& Internationalization), which, like CSF, was founded in 2014, is continuing to make progress and now has four seats. No one from S&I was available for comment at the time of writing.

At 35.19 per cent, the turnout for the Student Council elections was about two and a half percentage points down on last year (37.72 per cent).

The new Student Council:
VeSteSophie Kuijten, Camille de Regt-Harvey, Lucas Hulsman, Larissa van der Zon, Ralph van Herpen, Rick van der Tol en Kaj van den Heuvel.
S&IYichun Zhou, Zheng Wu, Xiaoxiao Peng en Domenico Renders.
CSFHarm Ligtenberg

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