Student council elections coming up: Meet the leading candidates

Three student parties will do battle from 20 to 23 May for the 12 seats on Wageningen’s Student Council. The three leading candidates introduce themselves and say why you should vote for their parties.

Enough computers for everyone

Harm Ligtenberg (21), CSF (Christian Student Party)

‘There is talk of a new policy in which everyone will bring their own laptops to campus: Bring your own device. That is something I am very critical of and which I would want to oppose. I don’t have a portable device myself and there are others in the same boat. There just should be enough computers for people to work on. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let students bear the financial consequences of growth. After three years in Wageningen I know what it is like to be a student here and what problems people run up against. Now I can start making an active contribution to policy.’

Less stress, more integration

Yichun Zhou (23), S&I (Sustainability & Internationalization)

‘With S&I, I want to improve sustainability. Not just environmental sustainability but also ‘inner human’ and inter-human sustainability. By inner human sustainability I mean the mental wellness of individuals. There is a lot of stress among students, and we should do something about that. Inter-human sustainability stands for cultural integration, a sustainable student population that helps international students to adapt and settle faster and better in Wageningen. There is a housing shortage and there are not enough places to study. Students wonder why the university keeps accepting so many new students while there is already a shortage of space for them now. If I’m elected, my main concerns will be the quality of student life and of the university.’

Preserve the small-scale ambience

Sophie Kuijten (21), VeSte (United Students)

‘One of my priorities is to preserve the small-scale ambience and the quality of the education. There must be enough teachers for the number of students. VeSte stands for the broad development of students: they need to be able to develop themselves outside the classroom as well. Since the loan system was introduced, students have started thinking twice before they commit themselves to a committee or a board. We want to motivate them to keep on doing those kinds of things. You learn such a lot from it: working in a professional environment, speaking in public, and so on. You benefit from that for the rest of your life.’

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