Grabbing a drink for charity

This will be the sixth consecutive year that Nacht van de Fooi is organised in Wageningen.
The board of Nacht van de Fooi in the Uiterwaarden. Photo Nacht van de Fooi

On 11 May, participating bars and restaurants will donate all the tips they will make to charity. ‘There is no better excuse to go out for a drink.’

Text: Inge Corino

Nearly all Wageningen restaurants and bars will participate, says student Hannah van Dijk of the Wageningen Nacht van de Fooi (NvdF) board. ‘Everyone thinks it’s a great initiative and is enthusiastic to participate once again this year. We will announce the full list of participating establishments later this month.’

‘The Nacht van de Fooi is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get involved in charities’, says Van Dijk. ‘We can do something for the world by going out for a drink.’ The board also organises a clothing market in the centre of Wageningen, with performances by local bands and even a bouncy castle. These and other activities should ensure that the proceeds of last year – 5000 euros – are exceeded.

The Nacht van de Fooi, literally the ‘Night of the Tips’, is an annually recurring student initiative which will be held in eleven student cities this year. Each year, the Wilde Ganzen Foundation doubles the nation-wide revenue of this campaign and then distributes the funds over four charitable initiatives. This year, the money will go to projects for clean water in Uganda and The Gambia, solar panels for a Brazilian school and an expansion of a hospital in Papua New Guinea.

For more information, check the Facebook page of the Nacht van de Fooi.

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