Stalker gets restraining order

The 32-year-old man from Arnhem who has been stalking WUR is not allowed to seek further contact. If he does so, it will cost him money and ultimately his freedom.
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This was the court’s provisional ruling in the lawsuit WUR brought against the man. The stalker will be fined 500 euros per breach of the restraining order. If he has failed to pay after 10 breaches, WUR has the right to demand a week’s detention. The decision meets all WUR’s demands.

Since 2016, the man has been pestering WUR directors, staff and students. This started after he was rejected for a degree programme because he did not meet the admission requirements. The man took revenge through emails, phone calls and social media, making quite a few threats.

WUR demanded a restraining order with both detention as well as fines for infringement, as the institution doubts whether fines will be effective. The man has been evicted from his house due to debt, so WUR argued that a fine will not make much impression. The judge agreed.

WUR spokesperson Simon Vink is satisfied with the judgment. ‘We hope the stalker will now really stop pestering and insulting members of the Board, staff and students.’

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