ISOW and IxESN move to new International Lounge on campus

An International Lounge will be opened at Campus Plaza with space for the boards of the international student associations ISOW en IxESN.
Photo: Marte Hofsteenge

The lounge will be like a living room, which will be open during the day and at the weekend to everyone with an international mind set. In the evenings, ISOW and IxESN will host activities.

‘Accommodation for both ISOW and IxESN is not ideal,’ said Liesbeth van der Linden of Education & Student Affairs. ‘The board of IxESN is housed in the the same building as KSV Franciscus, and ISOW is in the building with the clock on Generaal Foulkesweg. The university no longer owns that building, so it can only be rented for a certain period, depending on the plans of the present owner. And since Franciscus is a growing student association, IxESN also needs a new location. When we heard about a space for rent on Campus Plaza, we thought: this is the moment.’

The move of both boards doesn’t mean that all of the activities will take place on campus, Van der Linden added. ‘At IxESN they often cook for large groups of people, but the lounge isn’t big enough for this. And both associations often organise activities in cafes or at THUIS, which will also continue to happen.’

The addition of an international bachelor’s programme also contributed to the decision to use the lounge for internationals, thinks Van der Linden. ‘An additional advantage is that both student associations and the study association with international students will be closer together, which will make cooperation easier.’

Target date: 1 January

It’s not yet clear when the International Lounge will open. ‘1 September is probably not feasible,’ said Van der Linden. ‘We are currently meeting with an architect. I hope we can hold a festive opening around 1 January.’


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