International Club is open again

Music from all the corners of the globe international theme evenings, dancing into the early hours..
Partying students at the International Club. Photo: International Club Association

After being closed for more than eighteen months, the International Club is opening its doors again. The club got a new alcohol licence a couple of weeks ago.

The reopened club on the corner of the Marijkeweg and the Lawickse Allee is going to throw ordinary parties on Friday nights, and thematic parties such as a Brazilian carnival on Saturdays, says manager Kitty Cruden. ‘And since Thursday night is the big going-out night for students, we want to open then too. That will be more of a lounge evening.’

In 2017, Wageningen Municipality realized that, after a renovation, the International Club Association (ICA)’s licence was no longer valid. Cruden: ‘In 2006, we reduced the bar space to expand the dance floor. So the municipality thought we should apply for a new licence. We disputed that, but when the municipality says “jump”, you’d better jump. Our licence was withdrawn and it takes a while before you are allowed to apply for a new one.’

The ICA was founded by WUR and Wageningen Municipality in 1958, for students and staff of the university. For a long time, the club was housed in a shack in Wageningen town centre. It moved to its present location in 1983.

Dutch students are welcome at the ICA too, says Cruden. ‘Everyone is international, so we are open to everyone.’ Students just have to show a student pass, but staff must join the ICA first.

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