Studying without stress. How?

A lot of students struggle with stress, and some cope better than others.
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On Thursday the student party S&I will hold an evening about stress, including anti-stress-tips.

‘All students sometimes feel stressed,’ said Joshua Wambugu of Sustainability & Internationalisation (S&I). ‘Because they failed an exam, can’t meet their thesis deadline or have financial worries. But also, for example, because of homesickness or because they’re in a stressful relationship and don’t really know how to deal with this.’

Embrace Happiness

At the theme evening Kick Stress, Embrace Happiness a number of different themes about stress will be presented. ‘Study-stress expert Mirjam Pol will talk about studying successfully with as little stress as possible. We’ll also take a look at how sports can help you to deal with stress and where you can go if you feel very stressed.’ Speakers will include student dean Nadja Schmiemann, student psychologist Esther Ruijters and study advisor Annemarie Teunissen. ‘But there’ll also be students who’ll talk about their own stress experiences and how they are coping with them.’

 In some cultures, there’s a taboo about admitting to being stressed 

Joshua Wambugu

According to Wambugu stress is widespread, but not everyone wants to talk about it. ‘In some cultures, there’s a taboo about admitting to being stressed. Stress is sometimes associated with weakness. The idea behind this event is to encourage you to admit that you feel stressed and that you get an idea of what you can do and who you can turn to for help.’


Kick Stress, Embrace Happiness will be held in THUIS. A conscious choice, said Wambugu. ‘We looked for a fine, comfortable place where everyone would feel welcome. The Forum might in fact cause some people to feel stress.’ The theme evening will be held on Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm. You can find more information here.

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