Campaigners urge colleagues to strike

Wageningen representatives of the national campaign group WOinActie are calling on their WUR colleagues to take part in the national teachers’ strike on 15 March. One of their activities will be workshops in the WUR canteens on ‘making your own demonstration placard’.
Michiel Köhne who is actively involved in WOinActie. Photo Luuk Zegers

WOinActie defends the interests of university education, which is coming under pressure from budget cuts and growth in student numbers, says the protest movement’s website. The campaigners demand that the cuts of the past year be scratched.

‘This is the time to go into action. Out of solidarity. We must get more funding for education,’ says assistant professor of Legal Anthropology Michiel Köhne, who is actively involved in WOinActie. ‘At the last demonstration in The Hague there were only five people from Wageningen. But we do have the high work pressure here. So we’re going to see if we can get more people on their feet on 15 March.’

 There will be a visit to the Forum by an FNV (Trade Union Federation) camper van on 4 March 

The campaigners want to do this through the placard workshops in the week of 25 February and a visit to the Forum by an FNV (Trade Union Federation) camper van on 4 March. WOinActie Wageningen also wants to ask the Executive Board for support.

In a response, the Executive Board says it acknowledges the bottlenecks that have prompted the strike on 15 March, but thinks a strike is too drastic a measure at this point. The board respects ‘the right of employees to draw attention to their demands by this means, but will not actively support the action.’

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